Today we’re gonna make something a little different. It’s kind of a mix of a traditional Lousiana style Gumbo and everybody in the south’s favorite, Greens. It’s like the best of both worlds, and it’s also vegan! Let’s get a little taste of the bayou in our mouths!

Hot Tip
When stiring the roux, be very careful. It's extremely hot!



How much are we making?
Total Calories
Cup of Oil
1 Cup
Cup of Flour
1 Cup
Large Onion
Stalks of Celery
Bell Peppers
6 Cloves
Bay Leaves
Mix of Collard Greens and Mustard Greens
4 Pounds
Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base
1.5 Tablespoons
8 Cups
Liquid Smoke
10 Drops
Louisiana Style Hot Sauce
1 Teaspoon
Salt Free Cajun Seasoning
3 Tablespoons
Kosher Salt
1 Tablespoon
Vegan Worcester Sauce
1 Tablespoon
Cooked White Rice
Green onions (optional)
17  Items


  1. Clean Greens
    1. Thoroughly wash greens and cut or tear up into medium sized pieces. Not too big and not too small because these are going to cook down a lot. Washing greens in a sink filled with water Cutting up cleaned greens
  2. Making the Trinity
    1. Now chop up the onion, bell peppers, and celery into bite sized pieces. Peel and mince the garlic as well. Bite sized bell peppers Bite sized onion Bite sized celery Peeled garlic cloves
  3. Making the Roux
    1. Get the biggest pot you have and put it on the stove over medium heat. After about 5 minutes of heating up add the oil. 1 cup of oil being added to a hot stock pot
    2. As soon as the oil is added, add the flour to the oil and whisk to thoroughly combine. Continue cooking, occasionally whisking every minute or so for about 15 minutes until you reach a milk chocolate color. Below I have the different colors or stages of the roux, starting at the beginning stages to the final stage we wish to achieve (the milk chocolate. It gets darker the longer you cook this. Be careful and constantly whisk it. 1 cup of flour added to the oil First stage of roux, white Second stage of roux, blonde Third stage of roux, almond butter Final stage of roux, milk chocolate or dark peanut butter
  4. Final Cooking Steps
    1. Now add the onions, peppers, and celery to the pot. (It will steam a lot). Mix well. Cook this until the onions have become slightly translucent. Trinity added to the roux Slightly translucent onions in the roux
    2. Add the minced garlic and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Minced garlic being added
    3. Add water, vegetable base, cajun seasoning, bay leaves, and worchester sauce. Mix well and bring to a boil. (It will splash and steam a lot at first) water being added to pot vegetable base being added to pot cajun seasoning added to pot worchester sauce added
    4. Once the pot has reached a boil, add in all of the greens and try to not spill them all over your stove like I did. It will look like there’s way too much to fit in the pot, but they will wilt down pretty quickly. too many greens being added to a pot greens wilted down in pot after about 2 minutes
    5. Add the hot sauce and liquid smoke. hot sauce being added liquid smoke being added
    6. Put a lid on the pot, turn the heat down, and simmer (low medium-low) this for 1 hour.
    7. After 1 hour is up your greens should be very cooked down. Add the salt and mix well. salt being added to finished gumbo
    8. Your greens are finished! Serve this up in a bowl with some white rice and the green onions and enjoy! a delicious plate of green gumbo with some white rice and green onions on top