Today I’m gonna show you how to make some crispy, delicious chicken wings right out of your air fryer. Give your wallet and digestive system a break and put down that phone. We can make even better wings than those takeout wing joints. Let’s get greasy!

Hot Tip
You can use whatever seasoning you like, just don't be shy about coating the wings well!



How much are we making?
Total Calories
Whole Chicken Wings
2 Pounds
Creole Seasoning
1 Teaspoon
Salt Free Garlic and Herbs Seasoning
1 Teaspoon
Spray Oil
Ranch of Blue Cheese Dressing (Optional)
5  Items


  1. Prepare Wings
    1. Take the wings out of the package and grab your favorite cutting utensil. Slice them at the joint to seperate the flat from the drumette and remove the tips at the end of the flat(they’re just skin and bone). Or if you have wings that are seperated proceed to the next step.
      Cutting the whole wings up
    2. Season wings on all sides. A plate of well seasoned raw chicken wings
    3. Get out your air fryer’s tray and spray with the oil. Spraying the inside of the air fryer basket with oil
    4. Put the wings as evenly as possible in the fryer tray and try to leave gaps between them. This helps them cook more evenly and brown better! The air fryer tray evenly loaded with raw wings
  2. Cook the Wings
    1. Put the tray in the air fryer and set the temperature to 380F for 24 minutes. Setting the air fryer to 380 degrees farenheit Setting the air fryer timer for 24 minutes
    2. After 12 minutes, take the air fryer tray out and flip all of the wings over. Place the tray back in the air fryer and let the wings finish the last 12 minutes. Flipping the wings over after 12 minutes
    3. After the full 24 minutes is up, pull the tray out check for browness. If the wings look are starting to look like they maybe getting a little too done, take them out and eat! Mine were not so I flipped all of them over again, and set the air fryer to 400F for another 3-4 minutes. Checking the wings for browness after the 24 minutes are up Flipping the wings over one last time before putting back in the air fryer for another 3-4 minutes at 400F Setting the temperature to 400 farenheit
    4. When the timer is up (or you are too impatient to wait) take the wings out, plate, and munch! The finished wings!