REEEEEMIX. Today I’m going to show you how to remix some leftovers. Tired of eating the same boring ol leftover day after day? Well lets remix it. We’re going to make some fried rice out of our leftover beef bowl meat.

Make sure you use leftover rice! Freshly cooked rice will not work well.



How much are we making?
Total Calories
Leftover Beef Bowl
1.5 cups?
1 clove
Soy Sauce
1.5 Tablespoons
Green Onion
Leftover White Rice
2-3 cups
Vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons
8  Items


  1. Prep
    1. Cut up onion and peel garlic Onion is chopped on cutting board
    2. Finely chop green onions Green onion is sliced on cutting board
  2. Cook
    1. Heat up a large non stick skillet over medium heat and add oil Vegetable oil is added to non-stick skillet
    2. Add onions to pan and saute until translucent chopped onion is sauted in pan being stirred by large spoon
    3. Put garlic through a press. Add to pan and saute for another minute Garlic is minced in garlic press and added to pan
    4. Push onions to the side and add a little more oil to the pan, then drop your eggs in. two eggs are cracked and added to pan with onion (yolk and whites both)
    5. When the eggs start to set, mix into the onions. Using spatula to mix scrambling eggs into onion
    6. Add chili flakes Adding red pepper flakes to pan
    7. Add in leftover beef bowl and saute for a few minutes to warm it up. Seriously leave the juice out if you can! Leftover gyudonburl (beef rice bowl) beef is added to one side of pan while onion and eggs continue to cook on other
    8. Dump in all of the leftover rice and mix well. Incorporating rice with beef, eggs, and onions by stirring with spatula
    9. Fry rice for 5 or so minutes, until it looks crispy
    10. Pour soy sauce around the pan trying to spread it as best you can, and mix well. Using spatula to eventually distribute soy sauce throughout pan by pour sauce onto spatula and then moving it around in circles over pan
    11. Taste for seasoning then add a little salt if needed. Completed pan of fried rice is seasoned with salt to taste
  3. Plate
    1. Now put fried rice in a bowl and top with green onions. Enjoy! A bowl of leftover gyudonburi beef fried rice is held in one hand while the other adds slices of green onion to the top. It looks amazing and tastes even better!