Today I’m going to show you how to make pan pizza. It’s super easy and amazing. And once you figure out that you can make your own delicious pizzas you won’t ever want to buy them again.

If your house is cold, you could turn the oven on for a couple minutes then switch it off. Place the dough in your newly warmed proofing box!



How much are we making?
Total Calories
2 2/3 Cups (400 grams)
1 2/3 Cups (280 grams)
1 packet (2 1/4 teaspoons or 7 grams)
Kosher Salt
1 teaspoon (6 grams)
Couple squirts in bowl and enough to coat pan
1/4 teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon
Tomato Sauce
1/3 Cup
Garlic Powder
a pinch
Shredded Italian Cheese Blend
1.5 Cups
Spicy Italian Sausage
1/4 pound
12 Slices
a Few Slices
8  Items


  1. Prep Dough
    1. Measure out water and place into a oiled bowl Water being poured out of glass measuring cup into large glass bowl sitting on digital scale
    2. Add yeast Yeast being poured out of bag into large glass bowl full of water and resting on digital scale
    3. Add flour Scooping flour into glass mixing bowl resting on digital scale
    4. Add salt Sprinkling salt into large glass mixing bowl on top of digital scale
    5. Add oil Adding vegetable oil with squirt bottle to large mixing glass bowl
    6. Mix well Using large spoon utensil to incorporate mixture into pizza dough in large glass mixing bowl
    7. Oil up a thick baking sheet and try to strech the dough out to reach the edges then cover with plastic wrap. Then place in a warm place. Using squirt bottle to add vegetable oil to inside of baking sheet pan Pizza dough stretched and flattened into greased sheet pan
    8. After about 30 minutes take dough out and stretch and fold it over on it self twice. Then place it back in the pan. Lifting pizza dough by two corners and folding it over on top of itself (lengthways) Grabbing pizza dough by two corners and folding over onto itself the other direction (width ways) Using your hands to work pizza dough back into corners of sheet pan to try and flatten it back out the best you can
  2. Prep Pizza
    1. After the dough has doubled in size (can be 1-2 hours or more) we can now make the pizza. Let’s turn the oven to 400.
      Hand presses button on oven control panel setting it to 400 degrees
    2. Add sauce Sheet pan full of pizza dough sits covered in layer of tomato sauce
    3. Sprinkle sauce with basil, oregano, and garlic Sheet pan full of pizza dough sits covered in layer of dried basil, oregano, and garlic powered over tomato sauce
    4. Now cover the pizza with cheese A nice healthy covering of cheese atop a pizza dough in a sheet pan
    5. Add pepperonis and onions (if using) Pepperoni and onion slices top pizza in sheet pan
    6. Break off pieces of the italian sausage and place all over the top of the pizza Small chunks of Italian sausage cover pizza in sheet pan
    7. Now place the pan in the middle rack of the oven and set the timer for 15 minutes Unbaked pan pizza sits in middle rack of oven Hand presses button on oven control panel to set timer for 15 minutes
    8. After 15 minutes check it, and add 10 more minutes to the timer.
    9. Take it out of the oven and place it on an oven rack. Completed epic pan pizza sits on backing rack to cool after being removed from sheet pan. It looks so tasty!
    10. Enjoy!