The Super Bowl is coming. Is your food game on point?!?

We’ve made quite a few recipes that could be classified as “Game Day” or “Game Time” in our OMG Meals series.

Here are are favorite recipes that we’re making for this year’s Super Bowl. We hope you enjoy!

The List

5. Guacamole

Bright green guacamole in dark gray bowl with spoon raise scoop up. Looks delicious!

Starting the list at #5 is a game day must have. Chips and salsa is great, but everyone really wants that guac.

Get our Guacamole recipe here!

4. Pan Pizza Vol 1

Absolutely beautiful golden brown sheet pan pizza resting on baking rack to cool. There's a nice caramelized cheese ring around the edge of the crust. The pie is topped with spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, cheese blend, and onions. Yum!

If you’ve got a gang of hungry doodz around… this is your best bet. Pepperoni and sausage on a thick homemade pan pizza crust. Your guests are going to love you!

Get our Pan Pizza Vol 1 recipe here!

3. Carnitas

A plate of carnita tacos on corn tortillas with plenty of lime, cilantro and onion.

If your guests expect Mexican flavors this is for you. Boneless pork shoulder is seared and then pressure cooked to perfection with peppers and spices. OMG you’ll love this! It’s quickly become a favorite of mine.

Get our Carnitas recipe here!

2. Air Fried Chicken Wings

A big ol plate of crispy air fryer chicken wings

An absolute game day staple. Chicken wings and ballgames go together like peanut butter and jelly. I’ve created a recipe that’s easier, healthier than traditional fried wings, and that anyone can follow. Check it out!

Get our Game Time Air Fried Chicken Wings recipe here!

1. Ultimate Nachos

Gigantic rectangular plate of ultimate nachos sits on top of colorful background while hand holds a tasty bite above plate

How can you watch a ballgame without nachos? You can’t! Watch or read our recipe to learn how to take your nacho game to the next level!

Get our Ultimate Nachos recipe here!

+1. Radical Vegan Sausage Pizza

Golden brown and delicious (GBD) deep pan vegan pizza viewed from corner-on angle. Pie is covered in golden globs of vegan cashew cheese, homemade vegan Italian sausage, green peppers, and red onions

Austin snuck his veggies into this list. Good thing this recipe will blow your meat lovers minds too! Everything is made from scratch: dough, vegan cheese, vegan Italian sausage. One of the most popular recipes on our site. Just make it, you’ll love it!

Get our Radical Vegan Sausage Pizza recipe here!