Stuck inside with nothing to do? Join us while we run down the top food news stories of the week. You’ll learn something, shed a tear, and most certainly laugh yourself silly.

This is NomNews Episode 7 for the week of March 15, 2020.

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Scientists Create Sugar That’s Healthier and Tastier Than Real Sugar

Penn State Students Hold Vigil for Closed Taco Bell

Founder of Trader Joe’s Passes Away

(Cut for time) Impossible Foods Signs Deal Bringing Plant Based Options to Disney Parks and Cruises

PepsiCo Buys Rockstar Energy Beverages

Super Size Me 2 Free on YouTube

Independent American Dairy Farms are Being Forced Out

McDonald’s & Starbucks backed reusable cup exchange tested in silicon valley

Prototype Edible Food Packaging Developed Using Kombucha Scoby

Miso Robotics Creates Burger Flipping and Fry Frying Robot That Restaurants Can Hire

Farmers Fight for Right to Repair John Deere Equipment

White Claw Launches in Toronto with Lines!

Asia Block:

Parasite’ Turned a Korean Instant Noodles Dish Into a Hit at Fancy NYC Restaurants

Yoshinoya Now Selling Mail-order Frozen Gyudon Packets

Yoshinoya Starts Selling Canned Beef Bowls

You Can Now Buy a One Person Bento Sized Rice Cooker - Cool!

Lightning Round:

Japanese Man Fulfills Life-Long Dream of Filling Bathtub with Curry and Rice (He’s Living the Dream)

Note to Self: Don’t Order Extra Creme Cheese at McDonald’s

Tattoo Artists Makes the Most Amazing Cakes - Grab our Link for Full Video

Retrovision: Martin Scorsese’s Mom Makes Pizza on Letterman Show - Grab our Link for Full Video

Kid Sent Home for Selling Pumps of Hand Sanitizer - Legend