Join the FoodDoodz on an epic odyssey through this week’s food news! We cover everything from chicken and donut sandwiches to the cosmic nature of sauce in 16 HOT HOT HOT news stories. Come stuff yourself with All You Can Eat News with the FoodDoodz! #NomNews #FoodNews #AllYouCanEatNews



KFC Tests Chicken and Donuts Sandwich [0:25]

McDonald’s testing P.L.T. in Ontario, CA [1:37]

IHOP® Introduces Spooky and Kooky Limited-Time Menu Inspired by MGM’s New Animated Film The Addams Family [3:21]

Wendy’s Releases Themed Dungeons and Dragons Rulebook [5:25]

SONIC Drive-In Releases Garlic Butter Bacon Jr Burger [7:38]

First floating dairy farm outside Rotterdam, Netherlands [8:49]

Impossible Foods Makes East Coast Grocery Store Debut [11:51]

Impossible Burger Becomes No. 1 Item Sold at Grocery Stores [13:16]

Hawker Stall Chef Inspires People to Attempt Replicating His Skills / How to make a toasted egg sandwich like a boss [16:19]

Oikos Introduces Caffinated Dairy Drink [17:46]

Japan Takes Step to Control Swine Fever Outbreak [20:17]

Bubble Tea Taking Over Tokyo [21:53]

Lightning Round

David Fincher’s 80s Blade Runner Inspired Coca-Cola Ad [24:21]

Paper Published Demonstrating Realistic Bread Baking Computer Simulation [25:55]

Don’t have a bookmark? Use a taco! [27:18]

How long does BBQ sauce last in your fridge? [28:27]