Join us this week on our Spooktacular journey through this week’s food news! We cover the latest Halloween foods, frights, and delights. We even review some Limited Time Halloween foods! We got 17 SPOOKY HOT news stories along with 5 reviews in this episode! Come stuff yourself with All You Can Eat News with the FoodDoodz! #NomNews #FoodNews #AllYouCanEatNews



Zombie Deer Disease Spreads to Humans? [0:26]

Burger King Halloween Ghost Whopper [2:40]

Ferrara Releases a Lot of New Candy Corn for Halloween 2019 [14:18]

Popeyes Conjures Voodoo Tenders Box [15:57]

Costco sells 15% of US’s chicken and looses 30-40$ million doing it [16:55]

Papa John’s Jack o Lantern Pizza [18:07]

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Box SkeeBall [19:11]

Pizza Hut Tests Round Pizza Box and Plant-Based “Incogmeato” Sausage Topping [20:13]

Family Grows World’s Largest Avocado in Hawaii [21:49]

Woof Bowl - A DC area food truck serving dogs… yes IT’S A K9 FOOD TRUCK [23:36]

Asia Block: [24:34]

Singapore to Set World’s First Ad Ban for High Sugar Drinks [24:40]

Jone’s Salad joins dtac SME to strengthen communication prowess [27:14]

New shop in Akihabara adds chestnut menu [28:40]

Domino’s Halloween Roulette Ghost Pepper Pizza [30:29]

Candy Land Reviews: [3:53]

Mtn Dew Voodew [4:27]

Zombie Skittles [5:01]

Box of Boogers [8:21]

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled (5th Edition) [9:30]

Boo Berry Cereal [12:26]

Lightning Round: [32:25]

Another automated kitchen… not sure where this is from… Los Vegas? [32:33]

Lady posts video on tiktok of how she prepares Mac and cheese at Panera Bread and gets fired [33:32]

70’s McDonald’s Ad selling you on how they scrub the kitchen down everyday [34:48]