Today’s episode is chock-full of exciting quarantine food news. We cover everything from cricket ramen, buying toilet paper from Denny’s, homemade conveyor belt sushi, and even the infamous Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings. Plus many more ridiculous food stories from around the globe! Join us for this week’s hottest news in food!

This is NomNews Episode 8 for the week of May 24, 2020.

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Scientists Create Sugar That’s Healthier and Tastier Than Real Sugar

Frito-Lay Launches [0:46]

Restaurants Sell Delivery Food Under Pseudonyms [3:03]

JUST Announces Partnership with Michael Foods [6:37]

Restaurants Selling Groceries [8:30]

Grubhub Continues to Bamboozle Everyone [10:57]

Shake Shack Starts Video Recipe Series [12:43]

Chick-fil-a Introduces New Meal Kits [15:38]

Waffle House Test Kitchens & Online Store Selling Food [16:55]

Asia Block:

Yoshinoya Pokemon Bowls are Back [18:42]

Muji Now Sells Cricket Crackers [20:32]

Insect Food Company Sells Cricket Ramen [22:46]

Nadaman - 190 Year Old Japan Kaseki Ryori Restaurant Starts YouTube Channel [24:39]

Burger King Japan Baffles with “CooKING Burger @ Home” [27:05]

1000 People Drink Together in the Asahi Online Virtual Bar [29:34]

Live-Streaming Saves Chinese Farmers’ Livelihood [30:42]

Lightning Round:

Legends Creates Conveyor Belt Sushi at Home [34:39]

We Learn a new Munchie Recipe: Totwaffles with Syrupchup [35:42]

Horrific Mask Created for Eating During COVID-19 [36:42]

Designer Makes Amazing Food Art on Toast [37:56]

Cut for Time:

$20 Family Meal Kits

Pokemon Manhole Cover Souvenirs