It wasn’t easy… but we scrounged enough stories to do another episode of NomNews. This is getting difficult! If you’re tired of all the depressing news jump aboard while we chow down on the top food news stories of the week (or month). Hilarious takes guaranteed!

This is NomNews Episode 9 for the week of June 21, 2020.

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TIL: Pittsburgh Had a Fake Burger King Operating for Some Time

Burger King Italy Keeps Its Distance with Social Distancing Whopper

Picnic: Robotic Pizza Assembly Machine Leaves Much to the Imagination :D

Starbucks Closing / Changing 400 Store Formats in North America

Impossible Foods Introduces Direct to Consumer Store

Bring General Tso’s Home with Our New General Tso’s Tofu Recipe @

The Daily Meal Compiles List: What Your State is Struggling to Cook

TIL: Ben & Jerry’s Partners with Greyston Bakery Who Practice an Open Hiring Model in Yonkers, NY

Frito-Lay Introduces Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs

Pringles Partners with Wendy’s to Bring Baconater Chips

Asia Block:

Lawson’s Karaage-kun Approved as 1st Combini Space Food

Bankara Announces Shaved Ice Ramen in Japan

Trying Meatless Mondays? We have 16 Vegan / Vegetarian Recipes in Video & Print @

Yoot Saito (Seaman Video Game) Opens Hamburger Shop in Tokyo

Beyond Meat Might Be Coming to KFC China

KFC Japan Celebrates National Children’s Day with Colonel Sanders in Samurai Armor

Zuboraya (One of Osaka’s Oldest Eateries) Shuts Down

Bandai Crafts Ridiculously High Quality Cup Noodles Model Kit

Pure Gummi Pikachu Sells Out in Japan

Oreo & Pokemon Team Up For Wafer Rolls

Lightning Round:

Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Illustration Sparks Online Debate About Which Sandwich is #1

Artist Created 3D Burger Generator in Blender

Lonely? Throw a Tempura Party for One with the Mini Mini Tempura Pot!