This week on Nom News we cover a lot of hot food topics. We talk about the chicken sandwich fiasco at Popeyes, Taco Bell’s new menu woes, KFC’s Beyond Chicken, Austin’s experience with the Impossible Whopper, a Nintendo and Lunchables collab, the America’s Test Kitchen settlement, Oscar Mayer’s ridiculous ice cream sandwich, a GODZILLA bento, a new kitchen puzzle game called Automat for Switch, and a crazy hot bowl of ramen straight from Japan. Grab a beverage and your favorite snacks and let’s digest this news. #NomNews #FoodNews #AllYouCanEatNews



Popeyes Chicken Sandwich sells out leaving a wake of pandemonium [0:25]

Taco Bell Revamps Menu Eliminating 9 Items [3:32]

KFC Beyond Chicken sells out in hours [7:18]

Austin had a hard time ordering the Impossible Whopper “your way” [9:59]

Nintendo and Lunchables team up to give away Switches [11:44]

Automachef out on Switch - game themed after Automat restaurants [12:32]

“America’s Test Kitchen” settles with founder [14:40] has easy to follow step-by-step recipes available for FREE!

Oscar Meyer introduces hot dog and mustard flavored ice cream sandwiches [16:07]

Did you know there’s a Popeyes buffet bar? [17:20]

Special Ekiben (train bento) Introduced for Godzilla: King of the Monsters [19:35]

Spicy ramen served in 572°F bowl in Tokyo restaurant [21:57]