Austin (man) wearing pink cowbow hat looks into the camera while an enormous neon blade runner style arcade is seen behind him
NomNews @ MAGfest 2020
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Colonel Sanders stands behind Mrs. Butterworth while she pours syrup on a plate of chicken and waffles
KFC Brings Back Chicken & Waffles in Nashville Hot with Hilarious Ad
One man twirls beard another with glasses adoringly eyes assortment of bacon cheeseburgers bubble tea frosted pancakes donut chicken sandwich veggie burger and Wendy's D&D with flames in the background
Juice is Temporary, Sauce is Forever, and Impossible BS
Man thinks about eating potato skin while other cools off by rubbing soda can on forehead with plate of food and I love you colonel sanders in background
Let's Play: I Love You, Colonel Sanders!
One man nearly cries laughing so hard while other man looks on slyly they are surrounded by fried oreos cookies skittles while claw tacos Jose Andres and a taco
Let's Hit the News Pipe! • KFC, BK, Popeyes, Taco Bell + More
Man holds one finger up explaining while another sticks out tongue surrounded by taco Starbucks Tye-Dye drink Sonic Mocktails KFC Cheetos sandwich
Burger King Tacos, Veggie Burgers Illegal?!?, KFC x Cheetos, + MORE