Collage of food related images. California Pizza Kitchen, Waffle House Test Kitchen, Applebee's, Shake Shack, Eat JUST, Frito Lay, Subway, and Panera Bread logos. Pictures of plates of pasta, a Pokemon beef bowl, a cricket ramen bowl, and a crazy guy eating through a COVID mask. Bright 90s graphics saying
A Slight Hint of Chuck E Cheese
Austin (man) wearing pink cowbow hat looks into the camera while an enormous neon blade runner style arcade is seen behind him
NomNews @ MAGfest 2020
Beef bowl decorated with Pokeball designs at top of image. Various pokemon dot bottom (Charizard / Rizadon, Groudon / Guradon, Slowpoke / Yadon, Weepinbell / Utsudon, Gastrodon / Toritodon). Pikachu on lower right
Pokémon Invades Yoshinoya in Japan