Bright green and blue background covered with food related clippings: a giant blowfish, a Ben & Jerry's logo, two people eating burgers and wearing giant hats, a bag of Cheetos, Lawson's Karaage-kun space chicken nuggets bag, Wendy's Baconator Pringles, Cup Noodle Gundam-Style Model Kit. Then in the middle is a giant sticker saying All You Can Eat News.
How'd We Start Talking About Burger King Again?
Collage of food related images. California Pizza Kitchen, Waffle House Test Kitchen, Applebee's, Shake Shack, Eat JUST, Frito Lay, Subway, and Panera Bread logos. Pictures of plates of pasta, a Pokemon beef bowl, a cricket ramen bowl, and a crazy guy eating through a COVID mask. Bright 90s graphics saying
A Slight Hint of Chuck E Cheese
Austin (man) wearing pink cowbow hat looks into the camera while an enormous neon blade runner style arcade is seen behind him
NomNews @ MAGfest 2020
Beef bowl decorated with Pokeball designs at top of image. Various pokemon dot bottom (Charizard / Rizadon, Groudon / Guradon, Slowpoke / Yadon, Weepinbell / Utsudon, Gastrodon / Toritodon). Pikachu on lower right
Pokémon Invades Yoshinoya in Japan