FoodDoodz is the creation of two brothers who love to eat.

ChefDood: Adam
DesignDood: Austin

Over the years we kicked around the idea of creating a better way to store and share recipes. No current system really worked very well for us. Eventually Adam started keeping Google Doc versions of all the recipes he collected over the years. This worked okay… but didn’t allow for quick serving scaling or sharing.

We started to notice that we watched an awful lot of food videos and always wished they were done in a more inviting and simple way. What if Alton Brown made GoodEats as a how-to recipe show?

OMG Meals grew out of Adam’s frequent weeknight meals. He would explain to Austin how he made a certain dish, Austin would forget, and Adam would have to re-explain every time Austin would want to make a certain dish. OMG Meals is a way for Austin to have a video library explaining how to make every recipe he could ever want to make in illustrated detail.

We eventually realized that we could combine Adam’s recipe hoarding, our love of food, and our knowhow of digital content creation into a single creation. That’s when FoodDoodz was born.